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Customer Data Platform along with other data complements

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) focuses on consolidating customer data from different sources, helping its users to understand and act on audiences. By their nature, they CDP function as great complements to data technologies already common in the market.


Use with your BI team

We Predictable Media took the approach of working together with the company's BI team.

On the one hand, our infrastructure make their work easier by being a secure connector for delivering data to Marketing and agencies involved in the development of their campaigns.

Additionally, we help to make their data models visible, taking them from internal knowledge to actionable insights for the company.

Use with a DMP

DMPs collect people's online behavior through the use of digital markers (cookie/pixel).

The DMPs are highly compatible and complementary to the CDP, allowing the crossing of data between the identified behavior of the client with his online behavior. In this way, the DMP adds scale to CDP, and CDP delivers precision to the DMP.

Use with a CRM

A common mistake is to think that a CRM and a CRM CDP do the same thing and deliver the same value, since both contain data on customers, prospects and audiences.

However, CRMs were created as operational tools while focusing CDP on analysis. The good thing is that they are not exclusive systems, and their joint use enhances the value delivered by both systems.

He CDP collects data from CRM and other sources, centralizing all the information to obtain a holistic view of the customer and generating actionable insights based on artificial intelligence and predictive models.

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