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Customer Data Platform benefits

A customer data platform (CDP) is a marketing technology that allows the collection, integration and activation of customer data from a single source.

  • Collects structured and unstructured first-party data from various sources, off and online, centralizing customer data.
  • It unifies customer profiles into a single, holistic view so that marketing can understand and address audiences based on their preferences and behaviors.
  • It makes data from other systems available for marketing campaigns, customer service and other consumer-focused initiatives.
  • It focuses on obtaining actionable insights into real-time customer data.
  • Supports marketing in delivering personalized customer experiences, building loyalty and optimizing ROI per campaign

Data Integration & Release

They CDP offer an alternative approach to building a unified customer base, delivering control never before seen by marketing specialists.

  • The approach to integration centralizes data without the need to change or invest in new systems.
  • Open access integrates data outputs to external systems and platforms, making it easy to activate data in marketing channels and extract feedback to collect new data.
  • Data Release delivers a solution to marketing where they do not have to sacrifice data integrity and control to activate their customer data.

First-party data in the GDPR first scenario

In a scenario of data scandals and increasing regulations, they are CDP born as an alternative for marketing to properly comply with regulations.

  • They CDP focus on the collection and use of first-party data, respecting the consent of consumers in the process.
  • The collection, handling and security of the data complies with GDPR first standards.

Agility to face challenges

They CDP have updated actionable data, giving marketing the agility to act on it and remain competitive.

  • By cutting the dependency on BI and IT departments, marketing can act on more recent consumer data to formulate its campaigns.
  • By integrating campaign feedback directly into the platform, marketing teams optimize their time in analyzing results and gain greater agility to act on current campaigns.

Personalization & Omnicanality

As Marketing Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver customized experiences, they are CDP coming to you with the right tools.

  • Data and predictive models help them CDP understand and anticipate customer needs, allowing them to generate more efficient strategies to build loyalty and increase sales.
  • The actionable and omnicanal insights support the management of experiences at scale with the necessary agility.

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