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Data protection and cookie death

The importance of obtaining, consolidating, analysing and using data without depending on the data of third parties is becoming increasingly relevant as a result of the new laws protecting consumers on the processing of personal data.

In Europe, the Data Protection Act, GDPR, is becoming more and more important and transcends countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, among others.

For a long time, companies, especially in their marketing areas, have benefited from easy access to customer data, through the famous cookies, in order to know their interests, commercial behavior and thus be able to impact them constantly through different channels in order to achieve greater sales for the company.

Unfortunately, this data, better known as the "thirdparty data", will soon come to an end, given the new data protection law that most countries are introducing, generating the definitive end to the use of cookies. So what can we do if we have always used this data to reach our real or potential clients; no doubt this is a question that many are asking themselves.

In PredictableMedia we developed a methodology, divided into six stages, that will help you face this challenge.

1. Generate a good data collection strategy: keep in mind that you can get your customers' data in your online sales channel, in physical, through contact forms, web manners, game roulettes you make using social networks, data collection in the field, points club or loyalty to make your customers always feel confident about giving their data. Remember, all the data you collect from your customers will allow you to have their permission to receive information from your company which translates into being ok with the GDPR.

2. Consolidate all the data you collect from different systems or tools (Ecommerce, CRM, POS; ERP; WEB; Forms) in a single and updated base, this will allow you to generate a good understanding of your customers and apply statistical models easily as the RFM model which allows you to easily know the Recency, last time a person bought your product or service, the Frequency when a customer consumes your products or services and the Amount,how much money is invested in your company. With this model you can categorize or segment your customers quickly and assertively.

3. Use the power of the Pirate Funnel, it will allow you to locate each prospect or client in which stage of the funnel they are, helping you to detect where you should concretize your communication efforts

4. Use accurate audiences with your data, cluster your clients and not treat them equally, generate audiences according to the stage of the funnel and synchronize them with the media you use to communicate with your clients.

5. Learn from your campaigns: Evaluate how each one is performing, analyzing how well the audiences you created and exported to the different communication channels proactively did; don't wait until the campaign is over to analyze the results and there is nothing that can be adjusted to improve them. Continuously monitor the results in order to improve and optimize the results and budget of your campaigns.

6. Generate a virtuous cycle with your data by repeating the previous 5 steps over and over again, attract new customers, look for alike look models through your best customers, inspire them, offer them new products, generate cross selling strategies, have a deep and detailed knowledge that allows you to anticipate their needs.

These six stages can be developed and applied manually or you can join our automated methodology as more than 50 clients have done. If you want to know how through technology we apply our methodology we can generate a meeting to discuss and support you, we invite you to have more information about our methodology in predictablemedia.com

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