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Digital marketing in the automotive industry


Today, consumers have changed their buying habits, so automotive marketing strategies have had to focus on internet practices. According to a study conducted by Google, less than 30% know what model or brand they will buy, so 80% of users begin the process of buying a car by searching for information on the web.

Many automotive distributors in Latin America are readjusting their automotive marketing plan, as they have realized that digital channels are increasingly important for buyers and have experienced the radical way in which the promotion and sales model has changed in the last year.

These types of decisions or changes are not easy to make and execute if you do not have an understanding of your customers, their purchasing behavior, their searches, their preferences and their needs. This knowledge can be obtained from the same data that has been collected over time, once structured and analyzed allows to obtain opportunities that can be acted on in operational strategies, sales and marketing in segments with high probability of conversion and high potential value.

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