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Getting data with Cencosud Shopping mall



Cencosud Shopping is a giant of shopping centers, with a wide portfolio of formats including the largest malls in the country.

The challenge they faced was how to obtain information from their visitors, when their offer was transversal and they did not have the transactional data from the stores they hosted.

  • Despite the large number of people in shopping centres, collecting data on visitors is complex as they do not have access to the data generated by the shops they host.
  • In addition, the diversity of customers in a shopping mall and the limited points of contact mean that data collection must be approached from a mixed strategy (online and offline), making it difficult to consolidate and manage the database.
  • These conditions led the company to have outdated and disjointed databases in different areas of the organization. To address this, it Predictable Media centralized the information in a single base, enriching the data and implementing a strategy of systematized collection.


Today, the database is centralized and actionable, with 970,621 individual persons and 83% contactability.

This base allowed segments to be generated from the data, improving the results of the mall's marketing campaigns.

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