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How nike inspire and innovate in the digital world


Its interest in innovating its products, segmenting and approaching communities through local events and its constant evolution on digital platforms, has made its communication strategy on the web a showcase for all its potential as a leading brand in the world.

Since 2006 the brand decided to position itself in the digital field. Two years later it had allocated 40% of its budget to traditional media to build communities, hold local events, boost its social media and innovate in mobile technologies.

The important thing is the data

Since the creation of Nike+ in 2006, Nike began its digitalization and data collection from its customers, which made an immediate difference with its competitors. Through Nike+, the brand has created a system that allows it to capture data related to the exercise that the user performs. It gathers information such as frequency, distance traveled, speed, cities where the user exercises, goals, ranking, records, friends, among other information.

Nike has created an ecosystem that allows users to connect with the brand through the exchange of information. This allows the generation of new products and services that help its customers to have a better experience with the sport.

In conclusion

Nike, understood that the key is to have a close relationship with its consumers and through the various digital platforms captures all kinds of data that when analyzed manages to improve all its products, prices, distribution strategies and marketing campaigns that really impact their customers.

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