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How Shell achieved retention



Shell launched a campaign to get taxi and passenger car drivers to sign up for its benefits card. The campaign had been running for a couple of weeks with lower than expected results, so they approached Predictable Media to improve their conversion.

  • The campaign had been going on for four weeks. By the fifth week, 138 cards were projected with a high conversion cost ($4,042 each). In order to optimize the campaign and achieve better final results, it was decided to freeze the campaign in week 5 and resume it in week 6 with a new plan.
  • The challenge was to use Predictable Media to double the number of registrations projected for week 5, setting a goal of 276 registrations. For this, we have 4% of the campaign budget ($557,904).
  • The campaign was resumed in week 6 Predictable Media using segments composed of people with attributes similar to the card offered (e.g. taxi drivers, school vehicle owners, etc.), thus focusing the campaign on the right audiences.


With only 4%of the campaign budget, it Predictable Media achieved 13% of total card enrollment, with a 74% more efficient (lower cost) per card cost.

Our focused segment approach generated quality leads, improving the conversion rate by 172% over previous efforts.

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