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How to boost the sales your ecommerce

Are you running out of ideas to increase your ecommerce sales? Look at your data!

Unlike the physical sale, the ecommerce sale allows you to collect any number of data from your customers, including: their email, the items they bought, the price, the date of purchase, whether or not they bought at a discount, or whether they completed the purchase. What can you do with this information?

All this information that you collect could help you understand how often your customers buy, what percentage is activated by the discount, who you can offer a complementary product to the one you already have, or who your best customers are and with this information go to find similar customers.

For example, if when you review your customers' purchasing behavior, you see that 40% bought from you only once and you have their purchase date and products purchased, you can offer them complementary products, or in case your online store has recurring purchase products, you can analyze the purchase frequency and schedule campaigns when that date is about to become effective. By having their purchase information and contact details, it is easier to re-conquer them and their conversion cost will be lower than what you invested in capturing them.  

With the remaining 60% of your customers, you can analyze which of them buy from you most frequently, and thus make loyalty strategies, so as not to lose their purchases and avoid the loss of a customer who cost you so much to get. You can also find out which people buy from you at a discount and what percentage they buy from you. If you know this information, you can target the discounts with real activation percentages at the people who can actually buy from you. This will allow you to make targeted campaigns with higher conversion and lower cost of acquisition.

Boosting sales or selling more is the primary challenge of your online store, whether you own or manage the ecommerce, you are continuously generating various marketing actions in social networks, advertisements, promotions, content marketing and a number of strategies that you apply, to sell more. In many occasions the solution to increase your sales, is in the information you keep from your own customers.

Remember with sales you can get data and with data you can earn more sales at a lower cost per conversion.

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