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Our purpose


We are Predictable Media Inc, a software company, founded in San Francisco, California, part of 500 Startups, one of the most important accelerators in the world.

Our purpose, has always been focused on helping companies know their customers in depth through a robust X-ray of their data, so they can be competitive against the big monsters of retail, where the marketing industry and the good or bad called ¨Big Data", has become a real source of competitive advantage to capture more sales.

Today there is a reality that nobody recognizes: Marketing and technology working together has become a real war of arms, composed of different technological platforms, data science teams, business intelligence, robust data infrastructures and millionaire investment budgets in digital media, which together have become true laboratories within companies. This has made the leaders of this arms race, increasingly large, to the detriment of small and medium enterprises, as it is increasingly difficult to appear with their marketing efforts in search engines or social networks at a cost for profitable conversion.

With Predictable, we have managed to democratize these technologies, in a single platform capable of facilitating the integration and consolidation of different customer data sources, as well as an understanding of them through sophisticated techniques and data analysis models, which allow us to obtain a set of audiences aimed at improving sales, which can then be operated in different social networks, email marketing platforms, SMS, etc., without having to invest in a "marketing laboratory" composed of engineers, statisticians, and large technology providers like Oracle or SAP.

Thanks to Predictable you will build the pillars of your customer-centric company, where you will be able to consolidate all their transactional data, get to know them and generate audiences to gain their loyalty, reconquer those you are losing, capture new customers similar to your best customers and, as a consequence, increase your sales. If you are a medium, small or even a large company but the DNA is not technological and do not know how to compete in this complex challenge of database marketing or ¨Data driven Marketing¨. We are sure that we will be your best ally.

With Predictable... in your niche, we know you'll win.

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