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Predictable Media at SXSW festival

The data analysis company for efficient advertising investment exposed the advantages of artificial intelligence for micro-segmented campaigns.

The revolutionary tool, which uses IT to predict consumer behaviour, allows brands to know their customers better, with the advantage of safeguarding the confidentiality and protection of information.

While God of War was chosen as the Game of the Year in the awards given at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, and other technology companies were reporting on their latest innovations at business exhibitions, the Chilean Predictable Mediacompany was launching its tool for predicting consumer behavior through data analyzed by machine learning models.

It was the music and networking of the SXSW Festival that defined the ideal scenario for launchingPredictable Media; an analysis product for optimal media investment, which allows the message to be delivered to the right people in the right channel at the right time.

Many people are tired of receiving so much information in their emails and mobiles, they would like to know only what they are most interested in and have access to advertising that really speaks to them individually. That is why it Predictable Media gathers the data provided by companies (customers), using data science models, so that brands can know their customers better to give them what they need at the right time.

Predictable Media is defined as the future of media advertising investment management, optimizing the budget in the most efficient way possible for the client, and implementing the agreed budget in a data-supported media plan.

"We are the future of media management; we empower media agencies and marketing specialists to organize their budgets in one digital channel using the power of data"

The software engineering company already has a presence in Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica, and in our country it currently works with clients such as Walmart, Arauco, Shell, Agrosuper, ABC Din, Dijon, Parque Arauco, Guante and Cencosud, among others.

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