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Strategies for obtaining information from your clients

Check that your CRM, POS or system where they register sales, have the option to capture data such as: email or identification number. This way, when you ask for any of these data, you can associate the products purchased to each customer.

To obtain your clients' data you could create loyalty plans, for example: points that can be redeemed in future purchases, associated discounts for belonging to the clients' club, coupons and gifts on special dates. You can also make digital strategies using forms, roulette games, pop ups, Facebook Leads, contests in social networks, among other actions, that by giving something in return to your client, he will be able to give you the data you need. Do not forget that these strategies must be accompanied by the regulations required by the GDPR (General Regulation of Data Protection) and preferably a validation of the emails captured.

Once you've got the customer data, there's the second challenge, knowing what he buys every time he goes to the store. To do this you can associate the guarantee, return, exchange of a product or the benefits of the loyalty club to the identifier you have parameterized, usually can be the email or the most recommended, the customer ID number. That way, every time a customer makes a purchase he will know that it is necessary and important to leave one of his data and you will be capturing valuable information such as: products purchased, amount, date of purchase etc; data that will serve you in the development and implementation of all your commercial and marketing strategies.

Finally, there is the challenge of getting the store clerk or the person recording the purchases to store all the information correctly. What can we do to achieve this? Educate, and why educate is so important, because in this way they will be aware that the data not only helps the organization, but also improves their indicators, therefore their sales and their commissions. One way to educate, is to show the increase in sales or loyalty that was achieved, thanks to the correct capture they made of the data. You can also encourage them with bonuses or contests from the seller who manages to capture the best data. Data must be part of your organization's culture.

There may be several steps to take, but at the end of the exercise, you will realize with the results obtained, that the effort had results; it is better to have 100 data than nothing and with time the number of data will grow exponentially and with them your sales and your customer satisfaction, by being able to deliver a better shopping experience because you know who he is and what he likes.

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