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Using big data to drive marketing strategies in real state sector


Today, almost all of our activities generate data. When you browse the web or make purchases online, relevant information is generated. All this information is called Big Data. And for companies, the need for reliable data is growing; it is a situation where location, time and strategic information are essential to shorten the sales cycle and maximize profits.

But do you know how to transform that data into knowledge that will help you make decisions about your real estate agency?

Although in the real estate sector, the amount of data is not huge, you can get a 360º view of your client. You can find out who is buying what, where, why and how, and thus anticipate decisions that will save you time and money, and also allow you to stay ahead of your competition.

One of the most common examples of the use of Big Data in the real estate sector, is to be able to observe a graph of the data of a randomly chosen area of schools, green areas, shops and other services. At a glance you can compare different properties and deduce the one that best fits your client's profile.

Also, you can apply a Big Data real estate strategy, of clients, suppliers and collaborators, and with this optimize recommendations, crossing the own data with those of the real estate market, tendencies, seasons and characteristics of the properties. When you analyze this data, it will be easy for you to see what actions and channels are generating the most ROAS, make better decisions and invest your budget effectively.

Have you used Big Data in your real estate marketing strategy?

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