What data can be connected to the platform?

Regardless of the data source, the integrations of Predictable Media are agnostic to it, no matter if it is a POS, E-Commerce, or CRM system.

This allows for the integration of various types of customer and transactional fields.



What is the format to integrate with the platform?

The structure of integration is defined at the time it is created on the platform. All data loaded after this must follow this structure.

With the created structure, the data can be loaded in the following ways:

  1. File: CSV load where the column names are the same as those declared in the data structure
  2. API: Loading by API with content in JSON format that includes the fields declared in the data structure

If I already have a unique ID for customer data and cookie data, can I use this on the platform?

Yes, for this, you must create a "Text Custom Field" or "Number Custom Field" (depending on the type of data) and set this as the primary key to generate the match within the platform.