What does the platform send my way when I export an audience?

Predictable Media sends the audience as Custom Audience to the selected channel, where it can be selected for its campaigns.

The configuration of the campaign is done in each of the channels.

How do I add Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, or other platforms?

Go to your integration menu: Account ➝ Configuration ➝ Integrations

Here you simply select the platform you want to activate and follow the on-screen instructions. Remember that you must have administrator permission on the platforms to generate the connection.

You can only connect one account per brand.

Do I have to add Instagram in integrations if I want to export to this channel?

Instagram is part of the Facebook network, and as such only requires you to integrate Facebook Business Manager.

If I don't have a Facebook or Google account, can I use Predictable Media?

You can use the audiences generated on the platform to export to email marketing platforms, SMS, analytics platforms, or advertising technologies such as DSP.

However, for the best use of the platform, we strongly recommend the use of Facebook and Google as it allows a higher level of analysis of your business.